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Interior odor eliminator

OdorTech is specially formulated to quickly neutralize strong and unpleasant odors. OdorTech can also be used as a carpet cleaning solution and will remove any imbedded odors including animal smells.

  • Effective against odors from organic waste such as those found in animal kennels and farm areas.

  • Neutralizes odors caused by home fires, electrical fires, as well as smells from gasoline, kerosene, and oil spills.

  • Effective as a carpet cleaner removing any imbedded odors.

  • Can be used in a number of interior spaces such as homes, office buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, garages, warehouses, stables and barns.

  • Can also be used in a variety of transporation vehicles such as cars, buses, trains, plains, and cruise ships.

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