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Beyond Clean.

We are an innovative products company that works with unique manufacturers to produce safe non-toxic products for every day cleaning for any environment.


Outstanding Products

Are you looking for a comprehensive way to clean your surfaces and improve your quality of air?  Look no farther!


Our products produce an environment that is Beyond Clean! To ensure superior and long lasting cleaning, we add minerals such as graphene, titanium dioxide, probiotics, and thymol to create an enhanced formula and remarkable results.

What you won't find in our products is ammonia, bleach or other harsh and/or toxic chemicals.  

Our products are used in interior spaces such as homes, office buildings, hospitals, lobby areas, schools, day cares, nursing homes, hotels, cars, taxis, buses, trains, planes, cruise ships, or essentially anywhere people gather in closed areas.

We're ready to deliver comprehensive cleaning solutions that will keep your air and surface quality Beyond Clean with a clean fresh smell.


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